We strongly believe in contributing to our community and those in need. We work really hard to make our business successful so that we can give back to the communities that support us.

15% of our profits are donated to the following charities:
  · The Smith Family
  · Alannah & Madeline Foundation
  · Peter MacCallum

In addition, we donate over $5000 worth of products every year to local school and charity fundraisers. Please email hello@olieveandolie.com.au for further information or to request donations.

In 2010, Andy (co-founder of Olieve & Olie) visited South Africa for a month to help build houses with an organisation called Ten Thousand Homes. Moved by the devastating poverty he witnessed whilst there, he helped set up an Australian charity called Gardens of Hope Foundation.

The charity helps poverty-stricken communities in Rural South Africa through feeding programs, child sponsorship, business loans and spiritual support. Gardens of Hope was solely run by volunteers and sadly closed down in 2017 due to the administrative burden of operating a charity. Over the 7 years that Gardens of Hope was running, Olieve & Olie contributed more than $60,000 in helping these disadvantaged communities.

Today, We Care Foundation now supports these communities. If you would like to learn more, visit www.we-carefoundation.com.au.